Ready to Book Your Field Trip?

Please read all the information below before you book and have all the pertinent information ready:

Ticketing costs and information:



  • Tickets are $5 per student, with no additional fees or taxes.
  • Reduced ticketing costs may apply if a student is currently receiving free and reduced lunch and is unable to pay the $5.00 fee.  Please provide this information to the best of your ability when you are filling out the booking request form so that we can accurately invoice you.


  • You are guaranteed one FREE chaperone ticket per every ten students. For instance, if your class has 23 students, you are eligible for two free chaperone tickets.
  • You may request additional chaperone seats at $5 each. Note: The option to include additional chaperones will depend on seating availability.


There is no charge for additional chaperones needed for students with special needs (students on 504 or IEP plans).

*We understand that you may not know the total amount of chaperones when you book.  However, an estimate is appreciated.  We will bill you for the amount of chaperones provided when you book, so please be as close as possible.


How and When to Pay:

You will be invoiced/contacted approximately 5-7 business days after submitting the request. Seats are only guaranteed after payment is received; prior to that, they will be on hold.  Please pay your invoice in a timely manner, as seats are not guaranteed until we receive your payment.


We prefer that payment is sent to us with 7-10 days upon receipt of your invoice.  However, we know certain circumstances (particularly check payment) may take longer. The most important thing is to keep us in the loop regarding payment, and to send it asap.   Seats are not “officially” booked until payment is processed.   Your seats may be released and given up if:

  • You haven’t paid in a timely manner and/or aren’t communicating with us regarding when to expect your payment.
  • We haven’t heard back from you about payment after 3 attempts to communicate with you.
  • It’s been more than 7-10 days.  This will only happen if the show is almost full and others are ready to pay immediately.


We accept cash, check, and credit/debit for payment.

Seats are only guaranteed and assigned post-payment.


Checks will be made out to:

Federal Way Performing Arts & Event Center


Please mail cash or check to:

ATTN: Kate Croteau

Federal Way Performing Arts & Event Center

31510 Pete von Reichbauer Way S, Federal Way, WA 98003


If you are playing by debit/credit card:

Kate Croteau will email you to set up a phone call.  We can take your card information and process payment securely over the phone.


After payment:

  • You will receive an email confirmation. You will not receive paper tickets.
  • Cancellation requires 30 days’ notice for a full refund. Cancellations after that date cannot be refunded. Lack of full payment is not considered cancellation.
  • Student Matinée tickets are sold only to schools (including public, private, Montessori, and/or home schools). We do not sell tickets to the general public for these shows.
  • We offer ticket price and bus funding support through the Arts Foundation Federal Way. You may ask for consideration on the reservation form. These are awarded based on free and reduced lunch percentage and are subject to availability.
Our Patron’s Box Office is now open for in-person ticket sales with limited hours as follows

Box Office Hours:

On event days our Box Office will open 90 minutes prior to the posted event start time.

Masks Optional:  While masks are not required here, please respect those who choose to wear one.