What to know before your field trip


  • Please arrive thirty minutes prior to your show time. If you are late you may have to wait until a break in the performance to be seated.
  • Ushers will guide you directly from your bus to your seats. Seating is General Admission and assigned by the PAEC.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • If Federal Way Public Schools announces a late start or cancels school, we will cancel our student matinée.
  • If a district outside of Federal Way has a late start or cancels school, we will work with the schools to transfer their tickets to an upcoming student matinée. If there are no seats available, we will refund payment.


  • Food and drinks, except water, are not allowed in the theater during student matinee performances.
  • We do not offer a lunch space. Please leave all food on the bus or in cars. You may consider visiting next-door Town Square Park or nearby Celebration Park.
  • We encourage you to leave backpacks on the bus or in cars. They are not allowed in the theater, but may be left in our lobby as designated by our House Manager. We are not responsible for the security of items left in the lobby.
  • Recording devices are prohibited during performances.
  • Shows are for students, teachers, and chaperones only. We cannot accommodate non-student siblings, infants, and strollers.
  • Encourage students to use the restroom before the performance. During the performance a chaperone may escort them out. An usher will let them back into the theater.
  • A photographer may be present during educational programs.
  • Buses may unload in front of the PAEC, then park in the empty lot next to our parking lot, or at Walmart. Bus drivers must be ticketed to attend the show.
  • We do not offer refunds for absent students.
  • Chaperones that do not arrive with their child’s class must be greeted by their child’s classroom teacher before we will admit them to the facility.


  • Please do your best to let us know if you have need for accommodation(s) in your initial booking form.  We can’t guarantee we be able to provide the requested accommodation if we don’t have sufficient time to process your request.
  • The arts belong to all of us! The PAEC is committed to making it possible for all audience members to experience shows and events here, regardless of ability, economic, or social concerns. Please let us know any special needs requests and we will be happy to work with you.
  • The PAEC is fully accessible to patrons with physical mobility issues.
  • The Performing Arts & Event Center is equipped with a Hearing Loop System, which sends the voices of performers from our microphones directly into a hearing aid or cochlear implant. For hearing aids not compatible with the Loop, individuals may request a headset at the Patron Services Office. American Sign Language interpretation may also be available for certain programs upon request.
  • We offer our Patron’s Lounge for students needing a sensory respite. Please see an usher for assistance.

Theater Etiquette

Share these guidelines with your students so that everyone will know what to do and have an enjoyable time.

  • Be on time! The show starts with or without you.
  • Listen to the ushers and other PAEC staff for instructions about where to go and what to do.
  • Always use walking feet and inside voices everywhere at the PAEC.
  • No food, gum, or drinks other than water are allowed in the theater.
  • The theater will get dark before the show starts. That is the signal to be quiet and ready. Do not get up until the lights go on again.
  • Make sure all of the grown-ups have their phones on silent.
  • Do not use any electronic devices during the show. Videotaping, audio recording, and photographs are prohibited by law and also very distracting for the performers and the rest of the audience.
  • Do not talk during the performance, but be sure to laugh if it’s funny, cheer if it’s awesome, gasp if you’re surprised, and clap at the end!
  • Please do your best to ensure students DO NOT bring cell phones into the theater.  If someone sneaks one in and you notice, please ensure they turn the phone off during the show.
Our Patron’s Box Office is now open for in-person ticket sales with limited hours as follows

Box Office Hours:

On event days our Box Office will open 90 minutes prior to the posted event start time.

Masks Optional:  While masks are not required here, please respect those who choose to wear one.