Beijing Dance Theater: Hamlet

Sunday, February 10

Beijing Dance Theater’s Official Website 

The story of Shakespeare’s melancholy Prince is reimagined in the universal language of ballet. Inspired by Wang’s collaboration on Feng Xiogang’s 2006 film The Banquet, itself based on the tale, Wang Yuanyuan’s creation is an exquisite adaptation, capturing the famed struggles of Hamlet as he confronts the horrifying fallout that comes with his father’s murder.

Founded in 2008, Beijing Dance Theater is led by its choreographer Wang Yuanyuan together with visual artists Tan Shaoyuan and Hanjiang. They have collaborated with many internationally renowned dramatists, musicians and designers, enriching the international dance stages with its world-class productions, each of which represents the highest level of Chinese contemporary dance.

Beijing Dance Theater’s repertoire includes: Stirred from a Dream, a dance-drama adapted from the Kun Opera Peony Pavilion; Diary of Empty Space, an energetic triple-bill and the company’s opening performance; Haze, a contemplation in a time of crisis; Prism, a triple-bill featuring work by choreographers from Sweden, Denmark, and Canada; and Color of Love, a sensual exploration of the emotional landscape of women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.