Federal Way Symphony
Chamber Concert “Alla Zingara!”

Sunday, March 15

Piano Trio No. 39 in G Major, Hob. xv/25, “The Gypsy,” Joseph Haydn

Serenade for String Trio, op. 10, Ernst von Dohnanyi 

Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, op. 25, Johannes Brahms

Join Federal Way Symphony concertmaster Marjorie Kransberg-Talvi for an intimate concert featuring works that celebrate the musical styles and themes of the Roma people of Eastern Europe. The concert title, “Alla zingara,” is a musical direction instructing musicians to play in that style.

Joseph Haydn was almost certainly exposed to the music of the Roma people in the court of his patron, the Eszterhazy family, who employed Roma musicians to travel with military recruiters. Some scholars suggest that Haydn may have even included Roma musicians in his ensembles.

Ernst von Dohnanyi, a 20th-Century Hungarian composer, was less influenced by folk music than his contemporaries, Bartok and Kodaly. However, the first movement of his Serenade for Strings begins with “a lively march that soon features a rustic tune full of Hungarian flavor.”

The Roma style in the fourth movement of Brahms piano quartet in g minor was more deliberate. Scholars have suggested Brahms deliberately added the folk-music style to draw a more naïve “middle-class” audience in 18th-Century Vienna.

“Alla Zingara!” features Marjorie Kransberg-Talvi, violin; Christopher Foerstel, violin; Mara Finkelstein, cello; and Joseph Williams, piano.