Finding North


Mar 06 2024


10:00 am
Finding North: Using historical narratives and oral histories to teach social justice in the classroom.

Finding North is a one-man play drawn from historical research that brings to the stage a daring adventure of African-American Underground Railroad hero John P. Parker. Parker’s tale is intercut with interview material from people who tell their stories of searching for haven in modern day America. Commissioned to celebrate the opening of the Underground Railroad National Freedom Center, Finding North is performed by Daniel Carlton, with guitar accompaniment by the play’s author, David Gonzalez.

FINDING NORTH was commissioned in partnership with The Underground Railroad National Freedom Center to celebrate the courage and conviction of people who have struggled to make America a “more perfect union”.  The play provides a vivid template for educators to consider historical narratives and contemporary interviews as entry points into social studies, history, creative writing, theatrical arts, and, perhaps most importantly, social justice.

Curriculum connections:

  • Fine Arts: Storytelling, Blues Music, Theater
  • Language Arts: Oral History, Memoir 
  • History: African American History, Underground Railroad, Contemporary American Immigrant Narratives, European History
  • Emotional/Social Development: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, Compassion, Empathy


Big ideas/themes:

  • Oral histories
  • History
  • Slavery
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Hope
  •  Perseverance
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