Federal Way Symphony
Season Finale

Sunday, April 5

Keyboard concerto no. 1 (BWV 1052), Johannes Sebastian Bach
          Steve Silverberg, piano

“The Firebird,” Igor Stravinsky

Symphony no. 3, “Rhenisch,” Robert Schumann

The Federal Way Symphony closes it 2019-2020 season with an eclectic program that stretches from the early 18th Century to the early 20th. The truly concert offers “something for everyone” with works from the Baroque, Romantic and Modern eras.

Young “Emerging Artist” Steve Silverberg will begin the concert, joining the Symphony for a performance of Bach’s keyboard concerto, no. 1. Composed for harpsichord a generation before the widespread introduction of the “fortepiano,” this concerto has been called “crisp, bold and dramatic,” while maintaining the disciplined counterpoint familiar to Bach listeners.

“The Firebird” is more generally known as a ballet work and tells the story of Prince Ivan and the magical Firebird. After being captured by the Prince, she begs for her life—promising a magical feather that will summon her should the Prince fall into danger. Needless to say, danger appears shortly and the Firebird must save Prince Ivan from the minions of the evil Koschei.

Robert Schumann composed his third symphony after a visit to the Rhineland area of what is now Germany that he described as a pilgrimage. Aspects of the trip are incorporated into the symphony including a theme based on a German folk dance and a musical depiction of the flowing Rhine river.