Student Matinées

The Federal Way Performing Arts & Event Center invites you to experience our 2018 – 2019 Arts 4 Youth season specifically designed for school groups! The performances are one-hour long daytime presentations that bring the magic of live theater to students. Student Matinées align with and support Washington State and Common Core learning standards. We have designed study guides, lesson plans and other resources to help teachers deepen the learning experience, make connections to other subjects, and introduce students to the performing arts. Pre-show in-class lessons by our arts educator are available at no extra charge. Lessons cover your upcoming show, connect the arts with other core subjects, and are customized to your grade level. 

The Arts 4 Youth program is sponsored by the Federal Way Performing Arts Foundation and their generous supporters. We strongly believe in ensuring access to the performing arts and providing inspiring opportunities for everyone. See you at the show!

Arts 4 Youth Report 2018-19


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Tickets are $5 per student, with no additional fees or taxes. The first adult per ten students receives a complimentary ticket. All other adults are ticketed at the $5 rate. Groups with fewer than ten students will be charged $5/person. Performances start at 10:00 AM and will begin promptly. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime to allow for seating, which is first come, first served. For more information, visit our Policies and Reservation Information page. 


We are here to help. For information about Arts 4 Youth performances, scholarships, bus funding and general questions, contact us at or call the Box Office at 253.835.7010.

General Guides

2018-2019 Arts 4 Youth Season

New Chinese Acrobats

Monday, October 8, 2018  |  10AM
Grade Level: All Grades
PAEC Study Guide

The New Chinese Acrobats represent the next step in the evolution of acrobatic companies from the East. By mixing new techniques and acts with ancient traditions, The New Chinese Acrobats present the opportunity to view the best of China’s ancient folk art, mixed with the style and virtuosity of today’s generation. With innovative staging and performers selected from across China for their high-level acrobatic skills, the show will leave you awestruck!

Federal Way Youth Symphony

Friday, November 30, 2018  |  10AM
Grade Level: 3-12
PAEC Study Guide

The garden that is the Federal Way Youth Symphony Orchestra cultivates and blooms talented young musicians. The students develop their musical talents and leadership skills as they study and perform diverse genres of music. Come hear their magic and enjoy a morning of dynamic classical entertainment, with selections even including favorite movie themes and pop
songs. You and your students will definitely be impressed and inspired by their virtuosity!

Mariachi Sol de México®

Monday, March 4, 2019  |  10AM
Grade Level: All Grades
PAEC Study Guide

Mariachi Sol de México® is a traveling cultural icon of extraordinary musicianship and communal cross-generational joy. Their original rhythms, fresh sounds, and inspiring ideas energize the world of mariachi. The group embraces the romanticism of México’s land, people, and beauty of the heart. Jóse Hernàndez invites you to experience their dynamic energy and rich cultural expression. México’s authentic musical heritage lives on through the voice of Sol de México®!

Wings of Courage SOLD OUT!

Monday, April 29, 2019  |  10AM
Grade Level: 3-8  Presented by Mad River Theater Works
PAEC Study Guide | 
Mad River Theater Works’ Study Guide

Wings of Courage is an original play with music by Mad River Theater Works, based on the life of Eugene Bullard, a boxer turned the first Black combat pilot. Born in Georgia, Bullard flew for France during World War I, but the color of his skin prevented him from taking his place in the U.S Army. Undaunted, he went on to fame as a bandleader in Paris. Wings shows how Bullard’s determination helped him overcome discrimination throughout his remarkable life. His story would be unbelievable if it weren’t true!

The Upside Down Boy/El Niño de Cabeza

Wednesday, November 14, 2018  |  10AM
Grade Level: K-5  Presented by Book-It Theatre
PAEC Study Guide | Book-It Theatre Study Guide

When Juan and his family move to a big city, his whole world feels upside down. He doesn’t speak English, he doesn’t understand the rules to recess, and whenever he tries to speak, his tongue feels like heavy rocks. But with the help of music, poetry, and an encouraging teacher, Juan finds his voice and footing in this upside down world that he soon considers his home. This show is based on the memoir of poet Juan Felipe Herrera and performed in English and Spanish!

Stone Soup and Other Stories

Grade Level: K-2  Presented by Pushcart Players
PAEC Study GuidePushcart Players Study Guide

Rooted in the belief that the arts are basic to education, Pushcart Players presents a collection of folk tales brought to life through the magic of story-telling. The show encourages joy in reading and provides a starting point for ongoing enjoyment of folk tales in the classroom. Filled with music, color, fantasy and fun, each tale introduces the values, spirit, and customs of different cultures around the world. Dynamic, participatory, and filled with zest, Stone Soup will charm young viewers!

Toying with Science SOLD OUT!

Monday, February 25, 2019  |  10AM
Grade Level: K-5  Presented by Garry Krinsky
PAEC Study Guide | Garry Krinsky’s Study Guide

Explore the scientific principles of gravity, leverage, simple machines, the human property of imagination, and more. Garry Kinsky is a living cartoon with his animated movement and non-stop energy, giving a fast-paced, varied, and dynamic performance! Combining circus skills, mime, original music, and audience involvement, Garry and his audience investigate basic scientific information and delve into the imaginations of scientists who explore our world.