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JULY 19TH AT 10:00AM!

Tango Del Cielo (Tango of Heaven)

Wednesday, November 13

Leading you through the tight turns, dips and smokey cafes of Argentina, concert harpist Anna Maria Mendieta’s “Tango Del Cielo” (Tango of Heaven) is an exciting multimedia concert-show performing the passionate and sensuous music of the Argentine Tango and the dramatic and fiery Spanish Flamenco. Bringing together: harp, strings, percussion and dance — we invite you to experience this wholly captivating music in a way never before presented!

With standing ovations nationwide, “Tango Del Cielo”, a unique theatrical music and dance program features a fusion of many Latin styles including Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Spanish Classical, and Latin Jazz. Tango Del Cielo concerts are especially entertaining with a tribute to the Silent Films, incorporating multi-media use of film art, staging, lighting, and effects. The programs are full of surprises and appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Special music arranged and composed by Grammy Award winner and Academy Award nominee Jorge Calandrelli, Grammy Award winners Pablo Ziegler, and Daniel Binelli. Musical contributions by Grammy nominees Jovino Santos Neto, and violinist/composer Jeremy Cohen of Quartet San Francisco.

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